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AQPHS is Institute exists to develop the evidence underpinning public health strategies. It provides a national institute of excellence for the measurement and interpretation of biochemical, functional and dietary indicators of nutritional status and health. At AQPHS, teams of Investigators dedicate their research to improving the nutrition and health of infants, children and youth.

This interdisciplinary group of scientists has been brought together to foster research collaborations and share state-of-the-art methodologies. The "coming together" provides opportunities to exchange information, to discover jointly and  to share cutting edge equipment. The team approach allows effective research by enabling synergy. The diverse expertise of these researchers spans the entire life cycle of human  development, and all domains including biomedical, clinical, population and health policy research.


Al-Quds Public Health Society (AQPHS) is a research organization works in partnership and supports three main stakeholder groups, generating, managing and sharing information and knowledge that contribute to health promotion and disease prevention.

Strategic goals :

Analysis and inter-sectoral integration of data and publications to better understand the current nutrition and health situation, both in terms of practice and policy, and to utilize the findings to inform decision-makers.

AQPHS aims to:

  • to conduct high quality research

  • to apply research findings to improve the nutrition and health of Palestinians

  • to teach the next generation of health researchers

  • to be an advocate for research and for Palestinian families

Core functions:

In fulfilling its aims, AQPHS performs the following core functions:

  • conducts pure and applied research about effective sharing of knowledge and dissemination of information, and

  • develops and provides appropriate information infrastructure to collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate information and knowledge in ways that maximize uptake of the information,

  • communicates with stakeholder groups and facilitates networking between them,

  • markets AQPHS as an innovative responsive organization aware of emerging issues, resources and ideas.

Message from the Director

Al-Quds Public Health Society (AQPHS) serves to foster communication, coordination, and collaboration among a multi-disciplinary team of researchers around human nutrition, health and well-being. This is a truly multidisciplinary enterprise, spanning research groups in anthropology, biological and biomedical sciences, education, geography, medicine, psychology, social and community work and sociology. 

The Institute draws on diverse, multidisciplinary teams to find solutions, along a continuum of cell to population. It includes well-established strengths in research on the global obesity epidemic, modulate risks of cancer and diabetes through dietary means, assess and prevent micronutrient deficiencies and their health consequences across the life stages, and develop and advocate food and nutrition policies to improve population, primary care, public health, child development, medical anthropology, health geography, social work and medical humanities, mental health, the well-being of children and young people. We are committed to develop a nationwide environmental health tracking network, advancing the understanding of the relationship between health and the environment.

We invite you to browse our site, become familiar with the Institute and its activities, and invite your comments.

 Ziad abdeen, Ph.D., M.P.H.

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